Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Are Your Thoughts On Online Shopping?

Last week our company launched its new online store and we have been more than excited with the turnout of visitors to the site.
So a great big Thank You to all of you have visited

With that said today several of our staff started discussing what they would and wouldn't purchase online, I for one like to purchase almost everything online. I love the ease of clicking and the friendly smile of my UPS man when the item is delivered. I love that even with the most mundane item I have the excitement of a child at Christmas when I am unwrapping it.

Of course not everyone in my office felt the same, and I would have to somewhat agree with some of their points. Stephanie had the point that sometimes shoes could be challenging, once she said that I quickly remembered my mad search to find and purchase Hunter Wellies over the summer. I spent hours upon hours looking for the shoes only to order, get them and have them be way too big. I've had the opposite when I have ordered heels and they come in too small.

Overall everyone in our office agreed that purchasing online is the way to go, it's easy, convenient and saves so much time, and lets face it who has the time any more to go to ten stores looking for one item; that in itself can take up a Saturday.

We want to know how you feel about online shopping and some of the things you love about and some of the challenges that you've had with it. Your thoughts are important to us and we want to mold to fit the needs of the consumer. So if you have time comment back and let us know your thoughts we would really love it. Also if you have had a chance to visit let us know your thoughts on the site.



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