Monday, August 27, 2012

Building a Fireplace Start to Finish

Just because your house did not come with a fireplace doesn't mean that you can't have one. 
Below is the before and after photos of how we built our own fireplace, well how James built our fireplace. :-)

We started by purchasing 2x4's and building a frame for the fireplace.

The frame had to have a place for the insert, we used a the Dimplex 50" Synergy Linear wall mount fireplace.

We had to make sure that it was a snug fit before moving forward.

Once we knew that the insert fit, James started adding the backer board. 

Since we have 12' ceilings he completed the bottom section first and than moved to the top section.

Once all of the backer board was installed than he started installing the stacked stone. 

The finished product!

What I love about this fireplace is that it makes a statement in the living room. 

Some cool facts about using a Dimplex fireplace, it comes with a remote control that gives you the option of heat or no heat. In Florida most of the year the no heat option works the best for us.
Another cool fact is that it plugs into an outlet so you do not have to have it hardwired.
It can also be mounted directly into the wall so if you are thinking about adding a fireplace to your bathroom this is the fireplace to consider.

Bathroom Renovation

Time flies when you are having fun; but I think that it flies faster when you’re busy. I just realized that it has been over a month since our last post. Today I wanted to share with you one of our projects that we completed this past month. 
This is how the bathroom looked the first time that I saw it, the client hated the color and wanted a change. He also hated the dated lighting and mirror. The cabinets were cream and white and the tile around the tub area and shower was a soft pink. It screamed 1993 and not in a good way, hello if you know me you know I love the 90′s, well atleast for movies and music, not so much for design. :-)

Normally during a renovation project painting is one of the last things completed but with this project we actually had the bathroom painted for the client several months ago before the client decided to proceed with the major work to be done in the bathroom. By changing the paint on the walls and the cabinets it gave this bathroom a fresh new look. Also we removed the old mirror and lighting and hung two new mirrors and two new light fixtures. 

Below is the shower after all of the lovely pink tile was ripped out and new Durarock was installed. We also removed the soffit that was hanging over the old shower in order to give the bathroom and more clean modern feeling.  

Below is the tub area after all of the old tile was taken off. The one thing about removing old tile that I hate is the dust and the mess, but it’s all worth it in the end. 

Below is the vanity area, we had Kenny with KD Drywall skim the wall so that it is a smooth surface  to prepare for our faux artist Christie with Taylored for You. 

Below are the pictures of the completed bathroom.  

Special Thanks goes to:
KD Drywall
Taylored For You
CW Entzminger
Quality Tile Setters
Rinaldis Plumbing
B Calm Services