Thursday, November 17, 2011

Transform a Room Through Magic Of Wainscoting

Looking for a way to enhance a room in your home? Wainscoting is the way to go! Originally used to protect the lower walls of a room, wainscot is now used for decorative purposes as well.  It can be installed piece by piece or in wall length pieces. You can choose the exact style and height that complements the room being remodeled, however the end result will always come out elegant and classy.

Wainscoting can add dramatic character to a room. There are a few wainscot tips when it comes to installing wainscoting  In existing homes, you will need to check how the wainscoting panel will fit around electrical outlets and door and window trim.

A helpful tip when choosing which style of wainscoting is to use paneled wainscot in rooms and entryways where you can stand back and appreciate it. Beadboard works better in close quarters, such as hallways, mudrooms, and utility areas.

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