Friday, November 18, 2011

Fauxed Doors

A little over a year and a half ago I met an amazing Faux Artist (Max Monarch of Meridian Studios) that can take a dull boring door and turn it into a work of art. Since meeting her I have had her "faux" multiple clients doors and finally this week she fauxed my front door. Talk about excited; I went from a plain white door to a tiger eye wood door in just the matter of hours; well hours over a three day process :-).

Unfortunately I was so excited about my door that I forgot to take before pictures so instead I am showing you a clients door that she fauxed for me. Talk about amazing!!!!

This is the door that we found at the store.

Once the door get installed she adds a coat of primer to it.

The next day she works her magic and it looks like a real wood door.

Finally she seals the door with a coat of poly to protect it.

What's amazing about this process is you have a beautiful door that has the elegance of wood with out the cost or the upkeep. Her cost for fauxing a door is only $350.00!!!! She truly is amazing!!!

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