Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Which Outdoor Furniture is Right for You?

Does your outdoor space call for a big teakwood dining set with a huge colorful umbrella? Or is your summer entertaining style and space more refined, with a smaller bar-height patio set? There are so many options available for creating the perfect outdoor area at your home -- let's consider how you plan on entertaining outdoors and the space you have available to find the best outdoor furniture set for you!


Not everyone has a huge outdoor space -- if you're a city-dweller with a small deck for entertaining or have a little patio off the back of your townhouse, a full-size set of outdoor furniture just won't do. Try a bar-height patio set to extend your space -- the extra height will make you feel like there's more room, and these sets tend to have a smaller footprint, which will take up less space on your deck or patio.


For those of us with green thumbs and gorgeous green backyards to match, you'll need outdoor furniture that blends easily into the beauty. Go with a natural wood patio set with simple lines and fresh accents of white cushions -- this way, your flowers, not your furniture, will take center stage! Teak is a great option because it stands up well to the elements.


You don't have to live on the beach -- or even anywhere near it -- to create a backyard space that will make you swear that the ocean is right next door. The perfect way to get that beach feel is with some fun, colorful Adirondack chairs. Add some side tables for a place to set your drink and a huge striped stand-alone umbrella to complete the look. Adirondack chairs now even come in plastic -- great for stacking them for storage in the off-season.


This summer, bring the indoors outside! Most companies that make patio furniture are now also making sets that look and feel like your living room furniture, but are made from materials that are completely weather-resistant. If you have a large outdoor space to fill or spend a lot of time outside, this is a creative option. They even make great looking outdoor rugs, so you can really kick-off your flipflops and relax outside!


Having a hard time finding a patio set that matches the clean lines in your home? Fed up with all the wrought-iron, ivy-motif furniture you keep finding? Go with something sleek and fresh with easy square lines and cushions. Complete this outdoor look with lots of large white column candles, put in bunches around your patio or deck.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Adding Flair To Your Home With Box Beams

Whether remodeling or commencing initial construction, consideration for the use of decorative wood beams should be taken.
 Nothing will add to the appeal of a drab humdrum room more than the addition of beams.
Ceiling beams, can transform an otherwise ordinary living room into an inviting showplace. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

“Mom”: one of the most underappreciated jobs around. She would never, ever in a million years ever forget a special occasion for you, right? So let’s return the favor…even if you haven’t thought of it until now. You already know how to make a brunch or dinner reservation, and flowers are always a good go-to option. Here are some creative last-minute gift ideas  that are sure to show you care.

No.9:   Bubbles and Bathtime

spoil her with some luxurious bubble bath

Lots of moms look forward to Mother’s Day because it’s a guaranteed day that they can put their feet up, so help your mom pamper herself with some bubble bath or body lotion.

No.8: A Book

A heartwarming page-turner might be perfect for your parent

If your mom is the intellectual type, you might want to help her escape for the day into a great book.

No.7: Flower Power

A beautiful bouquet of your Mom's fave flowers will be sure to get a smile

Tried, tested and true, a beautiful bouquet of blooms is a perfect and simple way to show your mum that’s she’s number one!

No.6: Pajama Parent

pajamas are great for mums who love to lounge

If the queen of your house likes to spend the day in bed catching up on some shut eye in her off time, try getting her a fun pair of pj’s – your mother’s day could be an all-day pajama party!

No.5: Sweet Treats

Mother's Day sweets are always popular

Has your mum got a sweet tooth? Indulge her sweet side by making her cookies or a cake – or if naking isn’t your bag, run out to your bakery and surprise her with a box or sweets ready to eat.

No.4:  Accessories

If your mom is a style star, add to her wardrobe with some fun accessrories

If your mom is all about style, try buying her a fun acessory that she can flaunt all day long, like some jewelry, a bag or a patterned scarf.

No.3: Movies for Moms 

Taking mom to the movies is a great way to “get away from it all” and to spend quality time with her as a family.

No.2: Spa-tacular!

spoil her with a spa day!

If you want to go above and beyond for your mum then band together with your siblings or dad and get her a day at the spa! If that’s a little over-the-top for you, you can always just book a massage or a pedicure since being a mom means never getting to put your feet up!

No.1: Dine and Unwind

dine and unwind

Whether you show your mom your culinary chops by serving up a homemade meal or you take her for a treat on the town,  planning her evening by taking care of the Mother`s Day meal  will give her the perfect opportunity to dine and unwind!
But remember, no one knows your mom better than you, so just make sure that whatever you decide to get her is something you know she’ll like, and whatever you decide on will show how much you care.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our New Giveaway for May --A 3D Room of Your Dreams

Take a chance at WINNING the Room of your Dreams. Morrone Interiors is giving away a customized design plan worth $450.00 to one of their fans through a random drawing. 

You will be notified YOU ARE THE WINNER! Morrone Interiors will request your email address in order to gain information pertaining to your own room dimensions, color preferences, and style choice. You will need to email photos of your bedroom along with any other important information necessary to create the Room of your Dreams! WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED: May 31, 2012 WINNER will receive: 10 — 12 jpegs of 3D drawings along with instructions and details necessary for YOU to create your Dream Room! 

Subscribers from all countries are welcome • NOTE: Prize does not include the purchasing or installation of the proposed design plan. This is a conceptual design plan intended to create a road map for you.

This is a "Before" look of the Family Room.

Below is the 3D Design that we created of the room prior to changing or ordering any thing for the client. This shows what the room design will look like to the client once completed.

Below is the after picture. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Roll Out the Bar Carts

So, I’m thinking it’s starting to be summer time. Therefore, it is probably a
 good idea to roll out your bar cart if you haven’t already! Or like me, need
 to go shopping for one asap. No matter the style of your home, I would 
argue they basically class the place up substantially. 
I have a thing for decanters because they make the cart look extra glamorous! 
A few ideas to consider …