Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Top 5 Accessories That Everyone Needs In Their Home!

1. Rich Pillows
Oftentimes when you purchase a new sofa or chairs it comes with a couple of matching pillows. Unfortunately, the sofas and chairs end up out living the pillows, and the pillows end up looking worn and flat.
This room features great pillows which add the perfect splash of color!
This room uses a great blend of pillows with fun textures and colors.
2. Plants
Plants are another great way to incorporate more color and texture into a room. Some studies have even shown that plants help with stress and  improve mood. When you’re choosing your plants, try to find ones that complement your decor. Palms, ferns, and vines work well with traditional homes. Bold and more vibrant colored plants look great with more modern decor. Succulents fit in well with a more rustic or nature inspired designs.
This room features several eye catching plants which add great interest, and a nice pop of color to the room.
Another room which uses plants to enhance the space.

3. Picture Frames
Frames are a great way to make a room personal. Weather it’s filled with family pictures or shots of places or things that remind you of great memories and moments, frames are always a great way to bring some personality and charm to a room. Just make sure to keep your frames updated and to keep a good balance with how many you choose to use. It also helps to group them instead of just scattering them all across the room. Also remember to keep the frames current and updated to match your current design style. I really enjoy shopping at Aaron Brother Frame Company for affordable and unique frames.
This is a room that I did that shows a good example of how to match the frames with the style of the room.
Adding some fun color and texture with frames.

4. A great rug
Rugs help ground a space while adding great texture and warmth. They are available in endless patterns, colors and styles. Even if you already have carpet, I still suggest adding a rug to the space. Nothing beats a rug when you are trying to add more color and texture to a room.
This rug really adds some nice detail into the room especially since the furniture uses only solid fabrics.
This fun rug really tops off the room!

5. Books
It’s a good rule of theme to have at least 3 books on your coffee table, and to have them coordinate with the colors of your room. So if your room is mainly brown with some accent colors such as red, then buy at least one brown book and one red book. Books are so versatile and easy to accessorize with. You can use books to accessorize nightstands, entry consoles, sofa tables, and much more. They also create great dimension by lifting up your decor and creating different layers and levels of decor.
You can even stack a couple books on an ottoman.
This room uses books in several places. It gives the decor more interest by adding great dimension.

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