Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How Bookcases Can Transform a Room

I have the pleasure of working with a client who just recently purchased a home that was built in 1947. Prior to them moving in two weeks ago we renovated their kitchen and guest bathroom, you can see the before and after photos on our Facebook page. Now that they have moved in our focus has turned to the formal living room. While there today I was thinking of all of the great uses for the space, than it hit me that along the back wall how great it would be if we did a built in bookcase. My reasons are simple, my client is in need of more storage.... what better way to obtain storage than a bookcase.

Now I know bookcases aren't for everyone, infact some of you may be getting rid of your books and opting for Nooks, Kinde Fires, Ipad and other tablets that have e-readers, hey I am right there with you... however there is something about a built-in bookcase that is just timeless.

Below are some bookcases that I thought would really inspire.

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