Friday, March 16, 2012

Quartz or Quartzite, Whats the Difference?

Here in America stone is generally categorized in six categories.  
Granite, marble, limestone, slate, soapstone and sandstone.
So a lot of times you will see quartzites labeled as granite or marble.  Stone yards are getting better now though, I am starting to see quartzites labeled correctly more and more.
It's important to label quartzites correctly because they aren't the same as granite or marble at all.  

Quartzite's are hard, but they are more porous than granite.  Technically they shouldn't etch, but I have heard of many quartzite slabs etching which means they must have some calcium in them.  
I highly recommend getting a sample of the quartzite from the slab you would be purchasing and do some acid testing on it.  This way you will know if it etches or not before it's installed in your new, expensive kitchen.
Keep in mind etching isn't necessarily bad.  If you are okay with a patina it's great.  If you want your countertops to look perfect forever use granite or quartz.


Speaking of quartz, what's the difference between quartz and quartzite?
When you hear about quartz countertops people are usually not referring to real quartz, we are referring to a man made product.  
The man made quartz products are sold under brand names such as CaesarStoneRadianzCambriaCompac, etc.  These slabs are made of over 90% of the real quartz along with polymer resins and pigments.

Quartzite's are generally higher priced than most marbles and granites.  They are also some of the most stunning pieces of stone you will ever find.  Just be sure to do your research and hire an experienced, knowledgeable fabricator.

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