Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Little Paint and A Lot of Hard Work

Recently one of my favorite clients (and best of friends) had a tenant move out of their rental house. The condition of the vacant house was pretty rough.  Since they were going to rent it out again they didn't want to do a complete remodel, so we looked at options that would update it and make it a desirable rental.
Below are some before photos.

The tenants had spilled oven cleaner onto the face of the drawers leaving them bleached out.
As you can see the cabinets were in really bad condition. The countertops were an old laminate that had seen better days.
Below are two pictures mid way through the renovation. The homeowner took down some old drop cabinets that were popular during the 60's to make the kitchen feel more open. The 1960"s fridge was actually sold on Craigslist. 
All of the cabinet doors were taken off in order to get them ready to be painted.

Once the cabinets were painted new granite countertops were installed along with  all new stainless steel appliances.
The Terrazzo floors were also refinished. 

The credit goes to my clients Adam, April, and Charlie, day in and day out they worked on this project.

Floor Refinishing- First Class Cleaning and Restoration
Granite Countertops- Earth, Rock Granite

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