Monday, July 11, 2011

Stages of Design

Last week as I was walking down the isle at Home Goods when I overheard a woman telling her friend that she loved a piece of art work that was on sale. Her friend asked her where she was going to hang it, the woman replied that she had no clue but it was such a good deal she could not pass it up, so she bought it. 
Think about it, how many times have you been to the store purchased an item only to find when you got home that you had no where to put it, than six months later you either sold it at a fraction of the cost or gave it away. 

Most people that hire designers to decorate their spaces most often end up saving money. The designers job is to work within your budget to create a design plan that you will love.

Below I have illustrated the stages of design so that you can see how a room comes together.

(The design below happens to be for a tween girls bedroom).

Stage 1- Space Planning
Designing the general arrangement and layout of the interior space.

Stage 2- Concept Design
A series of conceptual design options examining and proposing the overall look and feel of the interior.
Some of the examples will show color options, furniture options, flooring, lighting, and window treatments.

hmmm... is wood floors in the budget?

Stage 3- Material + Furniture Selection
The specification of materials and their finishes and the purchasing of products for the interior such as furniture, lighting and window treatments.

Normally once you agree to the space plan the designer will look for the furnishings. They than will show you a mood board with paint colors, fabrics, and furniture. This helps you see all of the items together and gives you a clear idea as to how the room will look. 

Stage 4- Detail Design
Accessories!!! Finding the right accessories that tie the room together is key. 

Stage 5- Design Management
The management and assurance of quality and design integrity during the install.

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