Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cocoa Beach Condo Start to Finish

In the fall of 2010 we started designing and project managing a condo in Cocoa Beach that needed a little love to say the least.

The above photo is the view of the dining room and what would become the kitchen.  We tore down the wall that you see in order to make an open kitchen. 

This is the after picture once the wall was removed and our guys installed new drywall on the back wall in order to turn what was once the den into a third bedroom. They also built a breakfast bar.

This is the kitchen after but prior to the ceiling light being installed. We used a shaker style white cabinet and Kashmir White Granite to give a clean transitional look.  

This is the ceiling light before. (Beautiful right?)

We would have loved to remove the drop ceiling but we couldn't do to the A/C in the condo. So we opened up the ceiling as much as possible and created a forty-five degree angle. Our electrician installed six recessed lights to give a lot of lighting to what was once a pretty dark space. 

This is after the light went in. Now just a subway tile backsplash to go. :-)

This lovely space was well honestly I am not sure, all I know is it had potential.  Since it was leading into the master bedroom I thought how great would it be to make this a coffee bar for the homeowners to enjoy. 

Here is the coffee bar after. We continued the white shaker cabinets and the Kashmir white granite on the coffee bar and also both bathrooms. 

Here is another view of how beautiful the before was on the coffee bar.

Another view of the after.

Notice that the master bathroom was missing not only tile,  but drywall and a ceiling. Out with the old and in with the new.

We used a white subway tile on the walls and a white beehive one the floors.  All of the plumbing fixtures were replaced as well. 

We had our glass company who might I say are amazing to install a frameless glass enclosure.  I also want to point out the glass tile used in the shower. I love that the blues and greens in the tile as it really picks up the colors of the ocean outside.

The master bedroom. Okay my first thoughts when I saw this room was why did whomever tile a frame around the slider verses using casing..... Anyways it wasn't a pretty site.

The after creates a retreat for the homeowners to enjoy. 

Look into the living room. Notice this door was framed in tile too. 

This is a view of the dining room. I love the look of the wainscoting on the back wall. Our guys built a shelf so that we could showcase artwork on top. 

From floor to ceiling our team installed porcelain tile floors, repaired all of the drywall, selected all of the furniture accessories and window treatments.

This is a view to the long hallway leading to the front door, notice the right is open; that area is the den that became the third bedroom. 

This is that hall after.  Our electrician added recessed cans while our team installed the tile floor and the wainscoting. 

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