Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Top 10 Must Have Holiday Gifts

1. Apple IPad 2 
It's all about the apps, folks. While the Galaxy Tab 10.1 rivals the razor-thin iPad 2 in terms of build quality, Apple has maintained a wide lead in app selection. With 140,000 to choose from, the iPad 2 has become a veritable Swiss Army Knife, and even if you think Android's catalog is vast enough, many developers still write for iOS before they ever turn their attention to Honeycomb. Until Google's ecosystem can match Apple's, this remains the tablet to beat.
2.Amazon Kindle Fire
Hear that? That was the sound of other Android tablet makers taking a big gulp. Though it undercuts its competitors by at least $100, the Fire still manages to offer a high-quality IPS display and a (heavily skinned) version of Android that covers the basics -- email, web surfing, watching movies. What's more, it's closely tied to Amazon's vast empire of books, movies and MP3s, giving it a tighter ecosystem than what most other Android tabs have to offer. Sure, it lacks a camera and anything that qualifies as beefy storage, but with a price that tempting, its value is undeniable.

3.LeapFrog LeapPad Learning Tablet
The LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet from LeapFrog is an electronic educational gaming system for children aged 4 to 9. It features over 100 activities for young minds in the form of cartridge games, applications, videos, digital books, flash cards, and downloadable content. Parents are given the ability to monitor their children's learning progress, and children find the games to be fun and engaging.
LeapFrog LeapPad Learning Tablet - TOP 10 TOY for KIDS 2011
4.Nikon D7000
Nikon's 16 megapixel D7000 has landed into the world of officialdom with a bang, bringing with it an almighty 39-point autofocus system, 100 percent viewfinder coverage, 1080/24p and 720/30p video options, dual SD card slots, 6fps burst mode for up to 100 shots, and magnesium alloy top and back covers for that extra bit of metalized durability. The continuous video autofocus that debuted in the D3100 is here too, though bear in mind there's a 20 minute cap on uninterrupted recordings. 

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6. Roku 2 XS
Thanks to a varied range of content offerings--including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Pandora--that beats the Apple TV, the Roku 2 XS is the best all-around streaming-media box you can get for less than $100
7. Sony RDP-X500iP speaker dock for IPad or Iphone
Sony's churned out plenty of speaker docks for the smaller iDevices out there, but until now, it hadn't given the largest Apple handheld any love. It's a little late to the party, but the company finally jumped on the iPad bandwagon with its latest RDP-X500iP speaker dock. Sporting a built in subwoofer, magnetic fluid speakers and Sony's Clear Phase DSP sonic technology, this little gem purportedly packs a pretty good bass punch while delivering quality audio.

8.Samsung BD-D5700 Blu-ray player
Sure, it may be 2011, but not everyone owns a Blu-ray player. Or perhaps they need one in another room, or a new model with access to additional entertainment like Netflix streaming. Samsung's BD-D5700 also includes access to the Samsung App portal with a slew of internet content to play, plus compatibility with local media in AVI, MKV, WMV formats, among others.
9.Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Move Bundle (320GB)
 The PS3 Slim Move Bundle is not only an excellent value, but offers an impressive amount of storage space, too. And because the PS3 is such a great media hub, we recommend all the hard-drive space you can get.
10.Animal Planet Air Swimmers
The Air Swimmers are large, helium filled versions of aquatic animals. Currently they come in two varieties, the Air Swimmers Shark and the Air Swimmers Clown Fish. The Air Swimmers have fins and tails that move so fluidly that it's almost like watching an actual fish swimming around in water.
Air Swimmers - TOP 10 TOYS for KIDS Christmas 2011

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