Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3D Digtal Design:From Vision to Reality

Many homeowners move from house to house with the same furniture. Unfortunately, it is rare that two houses have the same floor plan, or floor plan that is even close to one another. Often the furniture that looked fantastic in an old home will look out of place in a new setting. Many times due to an unusual floor plans, the rooms of a house may look uneven, too empty, or even crowded depending on the furniture that is used in the room.

An interior designer can help you transform your new house into a home by using space planning.

Space planning in interior design is the process of determining where to place furniture based on foot traffic, the use of each room in a home, and the shape and size of each piece of furniture.
An interior designer can make your house and separate rooms look aesthetically appealing and cohesive. Your home will be designed in such a way that each space in your home adds to the overall harmony of the home.
Based on your budget and needs, your interior designer can utilize your existing furniture as the foundation for your new look and can add new pieces of furniture, paint colors, window treatments, and home accessories to round out the new look and feel of your home.

  Interior design space planning does not mean just taking a space and walls and adding random furniture so that is looks full. Interior design is about customizing your home and decorating it in such a manner so that every corner of a room evokes your sense of style and gives a feeling of harmony.

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