Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Custom Window Treatments vs. Store Bought Curtains

When selecting new window treatments for you home, one of the first decisions you must make is whether you want custom or store-bought. While store-bought treatments may be a faster, easier, and cheaper way to go, there are a few advantages to custom treatments that you may want to take into consideration.
Store-Bought Curtains

Custom Silk Grommet Panels Lined with Blackout

The first advantage is lining. Custom draperies are fully lined making them heavier and fuller. Most custom drapes weigh around 2lbs. per panel whereas unlined store-bought drapes usually weigh less than 1lb per panel. It is possible to find lined store bought curtains, but unfortunately they are usually lined with cotton percale fabric, which is thin with a low thread count and adds very little to the curtain. The thicker poly-cotton lining of custom curtains also helps block the sun as effectively as possible.

Another (and probably the most obvious) advantage of custom window treatments is that they are tailored to your needs. Store-bought curtains are designed to please the majority of consumers, but your windows may not be like the average consumer. If you have a window that is unusually large, for example, it would be very difficult to find that size if there was a specific color scheme that you were trying to match. Having your treatment custom-made gives you a wide variety of color, print, and size options that most store-bought treatments don't offer.

Triple Width Velvet Pinch Pleat Drapes

Finally choosing custom window treatments will ensure that they will last longer. this is because the quality of custom made treatments is better than that of store-bought curtains. Also if you have a treatment custom made, you are getting the look you want opposed to the look that is available. You will be happier with the window treatment for longer because it was exactly what you wanted for the room.

Custom London Shades

Custom London Shade

Custom Flat Roman Shades

Yes, having your window treatments custom-made will most likely cost you more money and take a bit longer. But, when you take these advantages into account, you'll find that it just may be worth the investment. There are many more reasons why custom is better than store-bought but the most important one of them is simply value. Custom window treatments pay for themselves all the years they gracefully cover your windows.


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